Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

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  • Title: Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning
  • Author: John A.C. Hattie
  • ISBN: 9780415690140
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning Visible Learning for Teachers Maximizing Impact on Learning Written for students pre service and in service teachers this book explains how to apply the principles of visible learning to any classroom The author offers concise summaries of the most successfu, Written for students, pre service and in service teachers, this book explains how to apply the principles of visible learning to any classroom The author offers concise summaries of the most successful interventions and offers practical guidance to the successful implementation of visible learning and visible teaching in the classroom.

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  • Written for students, pre service and in service teachers, this book explains how to apply the principles of visible learning to any classroom The author offers concise summaries of the most successful interventions and offers practical guidance to the successful implementation of visible learning and visible teaching in the classroom.

  • The author of this book is a professor in Australia who directs the Melbourne Education Research Institute. In 2008 or so he published this book: Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analyses Relating to Achievement. It is a summary of hundreds of meta-analyses. (A meta-analysis is when a researcher combs research databases and analyzes the results of a number of studies. Some meta-analyses are based on hundreds of studies, others on only tens of studies, and so on.) Each meta-analysis [...]

    This meta-analysis of 900 (my head hurts) studies on what works in education (sweet mystery of life!) is not the sort of thing you read cover to cover in narrative glory. I've been reading it in spots for two months, but finished it in a burst over the past few days. It contains interesting information on what works and what doesn't work. For instance, the Top Ten Influences on Student Achievement:Self-reported grades/student expectationsPiagetian programsResponse to interventionTeacher credibil [...]

    While there was some interesting analysis in here of how students learn, I eventually became overwhelmed with all the statements about what an effective teacher "should" do for each and every one of his/her students. One passage actually made me feel queasy at the thought of how far removed his description of an ideal learning environment was from the realities of my classroom. With a survey of over 900 meta-analyses of educational research, the author found a very large number of factors that c [...]

    This book expertly explains what schools need to do to help all children learn, with statistics and research to back it up. I especially appreciate Hattie's explanations when the evidence goes against common sense, as on class size--he points out that smaller classes haven't made a difference because evidently teachers continue to teach the same way whether they have 35 or 18 students. So the answer on class size is, "Not yet, but maybe it would make a difference if teaching strategies took adva [...]

    John Hattie has reduced tens of thousands of educational studies to a basic measure, "effect size", to identify what works. He presented this in a 400-page book, "Visible Learning", which is structured by intervention, saying what works and what doesn't. That report on his research pointed to useful things but didn't give teachers a lot of guidance on how to use that knowledge to improve their teaching. After all, "feedback" gets only a few pages to decode its subtleties but the implementation o [...]

    What a disappointment. I was hoping that this book would provide insight into explicitness in teaching and learning. Instead, I read each page waiting for the book to start. Unusually for me, I only took two pages of notes from the book.This book offers arguments that are self evident and obvious. Teachers need to maintain standards of achievement. Teacher's interventions matter to student learning. It is important that teachers communicate with each other.Obvious stuff.I rarely regret buying a [...]

    I've been reading and re-reading parts of this book and still find it a really helpful resource and starting point for meaningful change. I'm not sure it deserves its status as the Teaching Bible (TM) that it is given over where I am, but there are very many good points that I'd have liked to see filled with more practical tips and resources for implementation (i.e. more resources of formative assessment).

    "Visible teaching and learning occurs when learning is the explicit and transparent goal, when it is appropriately challenging, and when the teacher and student both (in their various ways), seek to ascertain whether and to what degree the challenging goal is attained" (p. 17-18)"Powerful, passionate, accomplished teachers are those who:- focus on students' cognitive engagement with the content of what it is that is being taught- focus on developing a way of thinking and reasoning that emphasize [...]

    A certain method for mediocrity and that is about all:> What a student brings to the classroom each year is very much related to his or her achievement in previous years: brighter students tend to achieve more and not-so-bright students achieve less. Our job as teachers is to mess this up, by planning ways in which to accelerate the growth of those who start behind.Otherwise, the usual empty talk coming from an academic paper pusher. The guy seems to have next to none experience working in th [...]


    This book is amazing for teachers to really see what impacts student achievement. It is written as a text book with a lot of data, and information.

    This book is a shorter version of a meta analysis Hattie published earlier- it is an amazing overview of over 1000 studies on the impact teaching settings and actions make on children and (ultimately)adult learning. It is not a "new" way of teaching or a cure all for any classroom woes- but it really has an interesting message. Lots of things go into the education of our children- their environment, what we choose as standards, their parental and economic situations, how they learn, etc.- but Ha [...]

    Teachers- read this!!

    Hattie's research points to increasing teachers' effectiveness through reflective practice with a heavy focus on metacognition. I have found though, that good teachers are naturally and continually reflective in their practice, and so the research presented in Hattie's book is far from ground-breaking. As usual, there is quite a chasm between the assertions of research in terms of what an effective teacher 'should' do and what can actually be done within the context of real American public schoo [...]

    This is an outstanding book. Visible Learning, the predecessor to this work, was an incredible introduction to the research that has been done into working out what really has an impact on student learning. This book takes that to another level, by making it more concrete, by translating these ideas into actionable guidance that schools and teachers can use to help them put these ideas into practice.In the last couple of weeks I think I can safely say that I have had an opportunity to link to wh [...]

    This is a great, research-based manual for pre-service and inservice teachers, as well as school leaders. This will be my "go-to" book for classroom ideas supported by research. It is a great read cover to cover, but can also be used well by looking for topics within the index. The book is organized by lesson flow: before, during, after, etc. The take home message is that teachers should be adaptive experts, constantly looking for the impact they are having on students. Not rocket science, but t [...]

    This is a great book for teachers, but beware! It's not a warm-fuzzy-and this is the "teacher-friendly" version. Hattie deals with many, many, many facts and, although he does a great job at laying his research out in a relatively simple manner, I still have only a very basic idea of where the numbers come from. With that said, I feel like I have been given a challenge for my classroom next year, especially in regards to formative assessment and feedback. I am also excited that seems to fit perf [...]

    I had to read this in preparation for a "retreat" at work next week. It's all about focusing on learning, rather than teaching; focusing on the impact on student learning of all that we do in school. That's fine, and there's plenty to think about and apply to my goal of maximizing student learning in my class. I just feel that the author isn't someone who truly understands classroom teaching in my neighborhood, my circumstances, my school and so there wasn't a lot that I could grasp onto in term [...]

    Excellent information gathered from 800 meta-analysis of 50,000 research articles, about 150,000 effect sizes and about 240 million students. What really matters and effects students the very most (Self-reported gradesudent knows exactly where he/she needs to learn) as opposed to the practices that have lower effect size (homework! Surprised?)Anyway, the best review I could give of this book is, it made me smarter as an educator. I look at educational practices in a totally different way than I [...]

    The depth of the content in this book is outstanding! John Hattie has taken research from classroom strategies and analyzed their effects on student learning. The amount of evidence at most times will hurt your brain. This book is not a “beach read” but will ground an educator’s thinking with concise summaries of teaching strategies. You will need to read this more than once and you will want to annotate (a lot) so that you can come back to reflect on the numerous “ah-ha” moments. A de [...]

    Many great things to share from this book. My only complaint is that it keeps talking about measuring the impact our teaching has, but never really delineates how to do that. There are so many things schools are doing that goes against the research. The metanalysis of so many studies shows that student expectation is #1 in impact, which correlates with Carol Dweck's mindset ideas. There is so much in this book that should be shared with educators. I took copious notes and loved the many charts a [...]

    I wish that this book was easier to read. I fear that some really valuable information gets missed because the text is hard to access. There were many times that I found that I had run my eyes over the words and had absorbed nothing is my hope that the notes I made in the book will help me to go back and find those pieces of information that I connected with so that I can use them in my practice. So I guess what that means is that I expect to be re-reading (at least portions of) this resource. M [...]

    This is definitely worth reading - more than once. There is a plethora of information and Hattie really makes one think about the impact of the teacher in the classroom. I enjoyed the research and was surprised at how some of the things I assumed were really effective for learning were actually less impactful than I thought. The activities at the end of each chapter would seem to provide an opportunity for evaluation, collaboration, and discussion. Now that I have read it all, I plan to go back [...]

    First of all, I haven't finished reading this whole book. This book was given to me by the school district for which I work. I read several chapters. I read some things that are referenced in it. I have used it as a resource for some presentations. I'm abandoning this book, as a cover-to-cover read. I can't read the whole thing. That would be torture. I still gave the book two stars because it has been helpful as a resource, and what I've read has provoked interesting thought, discussion, and le [...]

    Finished this quite awhile ago, but I haven't took it off my desk since I picked it up. Between this and Hattie's other book on visible learning, I have devoured every sticky note I can find. If you're a teacher or want to be a teacher, this will be a fascinating book as it walks through pretty much all possible learning strategies teachers use, explaining why and how certain ones are more effective than others based on multiple cross-sections of research. It really makes you think about what's [...]

    This is a must read for any serious teacher who wants their teaching practice based on evidence and solid research. Base on over 900 meta analyses, Hattie provides a solid list of areas to focus on when teaching. I found the book hard going at times - dense and somewhat hard to bring altogether. That said, you can always pick and chose areas you want to focus on. Also a great resource for a graduate student preparing a literature review. At $30, it is a good resource to add to your collection.

    Wow! This book is loaded with information about what is really effective in education! Home-life (not as high as you would think!), Time on task (nope), class size (nope!), homework (nope!). What ranks HIGH as positively affecting academic gainsvocabulary programs, effective feedback, RTI, Piagetain programs and the #1. self-reported grades/student expectations! Read the book for SO MUCH MORE!

    There is a reason that many educators refer to Hattie’s book as their Bible. It is a challenging cover-to-cover read, yet its fundamental message and underlying pedagogy cause one to return to it again and again. The depth of Hattie’s research is staggering and his mantra “Know thy impact” are words to live by. Hattie encourages all educators to be reflective practitioners who are sensitive and responsive to the needs of their students’ learning.

    I wish I could give this book two ratings: one for substance (5 stars), the other for presentation (1.5 stars). I have no doubt that the substance is there. Hattie's review and summarization of the literature are extraordinary. Where this book failed for me, however, was in presentation. Too many lists, way too much redundancy, a dearth of examples to illustrate what may be excellent points, and a flood of dense, turgid prose.

    Not the most readable book But there the data on strategies and the appendix is worth this book's weight in gold. Basic idea of the book is to take as much data on researching strategies and ranking effectiveness on the aggregate. Not a book that digs deep into particular effective strategies, but rather an eye on getting teachers to explore their own effectiveness through application and reflection.

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