Unwrapping Christmas

Unwrapping Christmas

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  • Title: Unwrapping Christmas
  • Author: Lori Copeland
  • ISBN: 9780310272267
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
Unwrapping Christmas Unwrapping Christmas Through all the mix ups and misunderstandings amid the chaos and confusion the true spirit of Christmas begins to emerge in unexpected ways for one woman as God shows her the true meaning of giving, Through all the mix ups and misunderstandings, amid the chaos and confusion, the true spirit of Christmas begins to emerge in unexpected ways for one woman as God shows her the true meaning of giving.

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  • Through all the mix ups and misunderstandings, amid the chaos and confusion, the true spirit of Christmas begins to emerge in unexpected ways for one woman as God shows her the true meaning of giving.

  • I generally liked this story but it still needs a lot of work. The story felt as if it had been thrown together and that the author needed to exert more effort into creating a sense of realism. We've all gotten overbooked at times and shown a poor sense of values and priorities when committing our time and efforts, but the protagonist took it to such foolish extremes and was so callous toward her family's needs, that instead of feeling for her, I was feeling that she was a neurotically disturbed [...]

    I read "The Christmas Lamp" by this author and enjoyed it very much but this one was a disappointment.Rose is a very busy woman who never says no. She volunteers for everyone but has no time for her family. You just want to reach through the pages and slap her. Her husband Joey tries telling her to maybe give up a few things but she just won't listen. While planning a family Christmas Eve dinner for all her family, she has an accident that finally makes her see the light. This is a Christian fic [...]

    I can understand why and how the main character thinks she needs to do it all, but she had a seriously case of being unable to say no. She acted like she'd be letting down the entire congregation of her church if she admitted she couldn't do it all. Even after her husband and kids complain, she willfully keeps going and going, ignoring family for the sake of others. Service is important, but not at the cost of your family. For that reason I found Rose to be unsympathetic. At one point I wanted t [...]

    I quite enjoyed this book. I have never been much of a Christian novel reader but I figured with the holiday season I would give this one a try. It was a very easy and quick read. The message in the story is great (slow down and enjoy what you have) without being preachy. I found myself identifying with the characters and seeing places where I could learn from the book.I would suggest this book to anyone that likes Christian novels, it is very good.

    I started this book for the Christmas competition because it was a novella and I could read it quickly. It is really a book with a lot of meaning of how we put a lot of busy work in place of family and others. Being a pastor I realize I have done this way too often, not only in church meetings but also in community meetings cause I believe they need me. Time to step back and enjoy.

    good read. Alot of christian faith references and preaching!!!

    This book was amazing for a Christmas story. It brought out the true meaning of Christmas. The main character is Rose Bergman who is so busy doing all sorts of committee's and volunteering between town and church. She neglects her family to the point her husband Joey has to point out things that are going on that she is clueless to. Her friends are suffering some issues, one person Sue thinks she may have breast cancer after detecting a lump, her co-worker at the thrift store her son is using dr [...]

    I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/13132142

    This is a short, sweet read that packs a powerful punch. Lori reveals thru her main character Rose what “love One Another looks like.” Rose is challenged by another verse “Be Still and Know I am God”. She is rarely still long enough to know God is God “Too Busy” sound familiar? Yet another verse “Rest in His Assurance” “REST” who has time for that? These are things women struggle with daily. Lori reveals God’s love in action thru Rose. This book will gently remind you (in p [...]

    Rose is real. She's so pressed for time but knows that stopping to offer help, an ear, or a kind word is the right thing to do. She wants to help but she's overcommitted herself to so many demands. She's actually relieved when that shoulder isn't accepted or when someone else steps in. And she's oh so familiar with platitudes -- those ritualistic sayings that go through our minds -- those things that come to mind because we ourselves have been recipients of those exact words, and frankly, what e [...]

    This is an author that I had never read before. It was a wonderful book about volunteering and trying to do good works in the church and forgetting what is most important. The books main character is running so fast. Her family wonders when they will actually get to sit down and have dinner together. She is always running off to help someone, volunteer, or go to a church meeting. Her family never hosts Christmas dinner so she always get stuck with 24 people at her house. She is taking migraine m [...]

    It's that time of year again, and with excitement and high expectations, Rose has planned the perfect Christmas for her family and friends. But when she feels them drifting away during a time that should celebrate togetherness, Rose is forced to slow down in the most unexpected way. In this whimsical, uplifting story, she discovers the true meaning of giving.My Review - I liked this story pretty good. It's not what I would usually read by any means which is another good thing about the NookIt br [...]

    Holiday Hectic!This book is a great example of the do it all attitude that seems to possess many women during the holidays and often beyond. Lori has crafted a grand story that may seem too familiar in our world of rush, rush, rush.When Rose’s devotion to service has her going, going, going and seeming to leave her family behind the results may be devastating. An accident, on Christmas Eve, is Rose’s awakening, but will she find the right balance?Serving God can be accomplished in many ways, [...]

    Ok, so I felt like with the season upon us a good Holiday book was in order. Ummmm. This one was not it. Starts out with a woman who thinks she is "Super woman" doing everything for everyone but her family. Heck, she feeds her family canned tuna 3x's in one week because she is too busy to go to the grocery store. (btw, I hate canned tuna, ranks up with Spam!) It's not until she has a little accident and needs her family help and she decides it time to take care of her family first and not the re [...]

    I've taken to reading Christmas inspired, themed, or timed novels this season in one of my own attempts to not only get in the seasonal mindset, but also to step back and enjoy it for what it is. This novel not only fit the bill wonderfully, it spoke near & dear to my heart as the main character finds herself caught up in the day to day "serving" and "busy"ness that otherwise stifling her life, and true enjoyment of this time of year.A quick read, I chose to swallow it in a couple pieces, to [...]

    This was a quick read, I read it in one day. Maybe it's because I don't really get into the religious aspect of anything let alone Christmas but it seems kinda typical to me.The book was about Rose, a busy married mom that was busy helping and taking care of others. Of course by taking care of others she neglected her own family.It took a fall to get her to slow down and realize what she was missing. To me it had a "It's a Wonderful Life" feel to it. It was enjoyable though.I guess the message t [...]

    Just way too busy -- no time for her family, no time for friends who need her, no time to do any good when she gets involved with various meetings, committees, etc. It takes an accident for Rose to realize that she is not indispensable but that she has been denying her family and their needs. A good lesson in learning to not do too much because you might not be doing what is necessary!!! Another free download to my Kindle.

    Like many of us Rose Bergman thinks she needs to do it all. She is on too many committees, volunteers for everything and has herself convinced that it's her christian duty to do all these things. Unfortunately, her excessive volunteerism is causing her to neglect her family. When a slip and fall on the ice on Christmas Eve puts her out of commission, she realizes she needs to slow down and focus on a smaller number of activities, and in the process she unwraps the true meaning of Christmas.

    Lori Copeland's tale of Rose Bergmen is a reminder to slow down during the Christmas season and not to overbook your schedule at the expense of your peace and your relationships. While I appreciate the message of the book and enjoyed the resolution, Rose had characteristics I did not like and some of the scenes felt contrived. I appreciate her efforts to re-direct readers' focus to God's truth, but there were parts of the novella I simply did not enjoy.

    A heart-warming story of one woman's discovery of what Christmas - and serving God - is truly about.\n\nI enjoyed this short story. My only issue with it is that all the emphasis was on the wife/mother slowing down and cutting back on activities and focusing more on family. However, there was no dealing with the husband/father's workaholic tendancies. It seemed no change was necessary there. So that seemed a bit unbalanced to me.

    This book was a very quick read and an excellent story to help us put the Christmas season in the right perspective. I probably should have read this before Christmas, but it will help me re-think how I spend my time this next year - all through the year. Though it's not a creative masterpiece, it IS an excellent story with a great message. Very much worth the time to read. (Also, very scary it so much mirrors my life.)

    I just finished reading this book and I loved it! It showed how we can become so involved in helping others either in church, social friends, volunteering. We get so busy making others happy that we tend to forget those that we love so much our family and children! I loved it and it made me realize I had to begin to say no! I cannot help everyone!!! I recommed reading it!

    This certainly was an appropriate book to read for December. It was a cute but very predictable story about a mother/wife who becomes so involved with volunteer/charity work that see neglects the needs of her own family. An incident happens by the end of the story that causes her to realize what has occurred though.

    SPOILERS (maybe)Lori Copeland has written a story that I've heard before (we all have). A mom gets so busy "doing good" that she unintentionally neglects her children - until an accident slows her down enough to realize she needs to re-prioritize.However, the author tells the story well and shows that we CAN learn from our mistakes.A good choice for lighter holiday reading . . .

    A quick read that I picked up at the libraryd the story is a good reminder that we can all stretch ourselves so thin in helping others, that we lose the meaning of Christmas within our own family! A good reminder to slow down and stop and smell the roses everyday with those you love mostt just at Christmas!

    I'm usually hesitant on novellas because of their shortness and that oftentimes the stories are hurried because of it. This was the case in some points.The overall theme of getting wrapped up in the busyness of the holidays can get to us, overwhelm us, and make us go crazy. However, when God wants to teach us a lesson it will be either with or without our help.

    This is a lovely, cautionary story for those people who get so involved in doing good works that they become no good to the people they love most and even themselves. It's a nice reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and Christianity. I was glad that I stopped shopping, wrapping, baking, and running long enough to read this book!

    A great book to read before getting into the Christmas rush. Tells about a woman that takes on too many "good" works and in the process doesn't realize that it is affecting her family. She is forced to slow down and realizes that the world is not falling apart because of it and that her family benefits from her being with them, not just what she does for them.

    I think many Christian women can identify with Rose. We want to do so many things that we forget how to say "No," and we end up doing too many important things poorly and neglecting even more important things. A quick, easy read with a reminder of God's message: "Be still and know that I am God."

    Trying to find a good Christmas story, and yet another religious one. Being nonreligious myself, this one was a bit harder to like. I can see how a religious person might find it to be an uplifting and inspiring story, though.

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