The Supremacy

The Supremacy

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  • Title: The Supremacy
  • Author: Megan White
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Supremacy The Supremacy What would you be willing to sacrifice for the perfect way of life We had lost everything We were desperate and looked to our officials for help The Supremacy stepped in seemingly coming out of nowhe, What would you be willing to sacrifice for the perfect way of life We had lost everything We were desperate and looked to our officials for help.The Supremacy stepped in, seemingly coming out of nowhere.They were a government issued task force set up to rebuild life and prosperity.They gave us homes, they gave us food, but they wanted something priceless in return.We wereWhat would you be willing to sacrifice for the perfect way of life We had lost everything We were desperate and looked to our officials for help.The Supremacy stepped in, seemingly coming out of nowhere.They were a government issued task force set up to rebuild life and prosperity.They gave us homes, they gave us food, but they wanted something priceless in return.We were the beginning, the first batch We were the Testers

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    What would you be willing to sacrifice for the perfect way of life We had lost everything We were desperate and looked to our officials for help.The Supremacy stepped in, seemingly coming out of nowhere.They were a government issued task force set up to rebuild life and prosperity.They gave us homes, they gave us food, but they wanted something priceless in return.We wereWhat would you be willing to sacrifice for the perfect way of life We had lost everything We were desperate and looked to our officials for help.The Supremacy stepped in, seemingly coming out of nowhere.They were a government issued task force set up to rebuild life and prosperity.They gave us homes, they gave us food, but they wanted something priceless in return.We were the beginning, the first batch We were the Testers

  • "Sometimes our best defense in survival is our ability to forget what we cannot bear to remember.""It is easy to hate the oppressor when you are the one with no liberties, but to hate who you were, what others of your kind did, took a special kind of entity.""We were polar opposite on the outside, yet mirror images within."I got sucked into this book quickly. It's dark and cruel in the beginning. Much like the main character the reader is put through such abuse. I cringed from the abuse. But it [...]

    Almost rated it a 1. Decided on 2 for effort and potential.Truthfully I regret the $5 spent. It's barely a short story.It's more like an early unedited rough draft. Tons of typos.Extremely underdeveloped storyline and characters ( day a brutalized prisoner, and literally the very next day, madly in love with her keeper and 100% trusting of him).I only got it because of the rave reviews, but seriously, all of the 4-5 star ratings have to be the author's personal family and friends.

    The human race has really screwed things up. The economy is non-existent, crime is rampant, everyone is starving, the world is on the brinkis is when the Supremacy steps in. They are a group with enormous power. They have fed the masses, eliminated crime, housed, clothed and provided jobs to everyone. They saved humanity – it’s just too bad the human race didn't know at the time that it meant they would become slaves with no hope of a future or freedom from their "Keepers". It started off fa [...]

    4 1/2 Stars: I was really excited to read this book as I love the YA Dystopian genre and the buzz I was hearing about Megan White was really promising. The Supremacy has all of the ingredients that make this genre great-a twisted dystopian society run by Supremes who are much more than they seem; a rebellious, tender hearted heroine who has much to learn about herself and her origins; a complicated romance and a carefully orchestrated ending full of surprises. I'm finding it difficult to adequat [...]

    Holy crap!! What the crap just happened to me!?! Seriously, that was awesome wrapped in more awesome. I loved it! Megan White can write! And where in the world did she come up with this dystopian, sic-fi laced gem of a story?!?! Holy crap! I loved it!!I'm not sure how to write this review without giving away stuff, so I am going to try to be as vague as I can, while still conveying how much I loved it.The human race has fallen apart, with crime out of control, no jobs, no money, life is at an al [...]

    ***The author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. The author in no way influenced this review.***Describe this book in one sentence- Hunger Games (By Suzanne Collins) plus The Giver (By Lois Lowry) and a little extra equals this book.Rating- PG-13Why this rating?- Violence, destruction, and some language (not a lot)For ages- 13-30Recommended to- Fans of The Giver, Matched, The Hunger Games, and Divergent.Stars- Four out of FiveWhy this number of stars- The concept was well though [...]

    Great read! The Supremacy gives you all of the emotions: love, hate, fear, disgust, and portrays them in a unique and elaborate way. At first, I felt there was too MUCH description. Example: At one point the main character notices another cell mate's hair color and explains in detail about the color, curl, and motion of said hair(I'll have to update once I find the section). It isn't relevant later on, so it wasn't needed by me. But as the story progressed, the description weren't as wordy, so I [...]

    This is a dystopian future like none other. Led by a different species that no one knows exists. Tons of twists and turns. I read this book in one day. COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! This is a must read! Great characters and a different type of story. You get a really good picture of what Erin, the main character, is seeing and dealing with. Very well written.

    Brilliant! INITIAL THOUGHTSI really liked the sound of the blurb. The question right at the beginning "What would you be willing to sacrifice for a perfect life? certainly caught my attention. I do enjoy reading about all the different dystopic societies that authors create THOUGHTSI purchased this one from UK, as I was hunting online for more dystopian books to get lined up to read.The cover features a possibly sinister looking figure in a long black cloak. The building on the cover reminds me [...]

    Is it possible to give a book zero stars? This is perhaps the worst book I've ever read.

    First I want to thank the author for providing me with a a copy of her book.I don't know how to rate this book, I'm confused. How do rate a book that is not badly written good even, because some passages show the writers talent, but the story had some many plot holes.The world has been broken down, the economy collapsed, people have died and the people still living are suffering from hunger. The Supremacy steps in and starts helping out people, now they got home, food and school starts again. Al [...]

    There is one thing that kept going through my mind as I read the first half of thisIf it seems too good to be true, it probably is.A group of aliens came to earth and helped the people the people, gave them jobs, homes,but how were they able to do that. I could say but that would be giving the plot away.I will say I have been enjoying this, somewhat, so far, though not the violent parts, which wasn't too gory.What most of these aliens eat to survive does make me queasy just thinking about itere [...]

    Where do I even begin? This is a must-read. The story follows Erin, who lives in the dystopian society ruled by "The Supremacy". Our old way of life had wasted all of our resources, and when we did The Supremacy jumped in and made life better, in the beginning. Gave them food, clothes, etc - then things got bad, quick. They are a totalitarian society without a doubt. Erin is a part of "The Testers" which is a horrifying experience to say the least. "The Keepers" wear black robes which contrast t [...]

    This book captured my interest from basically page one. And the twists and turns were kind of amazing. Like, totally not what I expected amazing. I feel like after reading a ton of YA Dystopia, truly unexpected plot twists are rare finds for me lately, but Megan White managed to twist the hell out of that plot, in a really good way. I can't say much without giving stuff away, but wow. I was seriously blown away by some of the twists she created, and I really loved the main character Erin (Rin). [...]

    WTF did I just read? You know when you read one of those books and once it ends you need to take time to cope with what your mind just absorbed? Book-recovery should be an acceptable reason to call out of work. We need to work on that.This book was extremely graphic in the way it was written. It pulls you in from the first page and makes you feel like you are in this dark sinister world that the author has created. Very George Orwell(ie)Then you get to the Farm scenest to mention the dream scene [...]

    NOTE: I received this book from a giveaway. All thoughts on the book are my own.Actual Rating- 3.5 starsThis book is about a girl named Erin, an orphan who is being raised by her stepmother who resents having to raise her. The beginning of the book introduces us to The Supremacy, a group of a higher class citizens who have a tyrannical rule over the rest of the population. Erin is taken at the beginning of the book under the guise that she will be tested, trained, and sorted into a zone by the [...]

    Wow. I don't even know where to start with this book. Anything that could be said will be a spoiler. There was no work-up in this book. From the first page you are thrust into this totalitarian nightmare that only got worse. The author did an amazing job at painting the horrific picture of the life these people were forced to live, not to mention the heinous conditions the Testers lived in, for as long as they were allowed to live. Without meaning to offend, I have read thousands of Indie books [...]

    Not your average Dystopian ReadThis book is not normally something I would read, but I was curious about it. Well, I am so glad I gave it a chance! This book really opens your eyes and puts so many things in life in perspective for you. There are so many things that happened, that I did not see coming!This story paints us a picture on what it would be like if the roles were reversed and we were being sought after as food, or as science experiments. This story started out showing us just who Erin [...]

    Deserves a 5 but I'm a stickler when it comes to certain things.The Supremacy was very intelligently written with numerous political undertones. Was very surprised a newbie author was willing to delve into so many hot-button issues that we are faced with in this day and age. One of which is an extremely graphic vaccine (for the PC folks I'll go ahead and add: "immunization")scene.This is a novel/series that will grab the public by the throat andforcethem to pay attention.

    This was a great book! Once I started reading, I had a really hard time putting it down. And was kicking myself for not having read it sooner. The plot was incredible and left my emotions all over the place. In a world gone bad and only one hope for survivalwhat would you choose?? This is the aftermath of those choicesMegan has a wonderful writing style that keeps your interest, never a dull moment. Her characters were believable and pulled you right into their story. There were twists you didn' [...]

    I'm giving this a strong 4 star especially for a debut author. There's some harsh reviews on here. I loved this book. I look forward to picking up the next one to see his story.This is my genre so I ate this story up. It's YA so it's easily suitable for young adult to any age.I love the whole idea of the "Keepers" it was quite fast paced. Never once was I bored with it and read it in one sitting. It could use a good editor but other than that I saw no real problems. It kept you interested and wh [...]

    Creepy good fun!This book is a bit of a change in genre for me. I have read all of the author's other books and enjoyed each of them but this book is different. Way different!The writing is stronger, and I feel that Ms. White has hit her niche with this book. I was immediately drawn into the book and shockingly creeped out (in a good way!) on occasion. I don't want to give away any plot details because there are a few surprises but I can say that I am looking forward to what happens next. Twists [...]

    This is one of those books where if you write a synopsis you will ruin the book and seeing how Ihatereading 'spoilers' when I check out a book's GR page I will just say that if you enjoy reading books about totalitarian societies/ dystopian novels, this is for you.Had a very 'holocaust' feel to it so this is why I will label it to having a similar feel/read to Animal Farm/ 1984/ The Giver and other works of the like.

    ohmygosh! Sooooooo scary! The things of nightmares! I really didn't see where else this book could go but utter heartbreak and death. But alas, I was wrong. This book is simply amazing! The first half had my stomach in knots and I was so sad, but I knew, I just knew there had to be more. Oh and there was so much more! So many ohmygosh moments!! I was shouting out at the book lol, my family may think I'm crazy. I CAN'T WAIT for the next books!! Hurry Megan White!

    Megan white Supremacy book1:I absolutely loved this book.From page one it was non stop action.It had me sad,mad,upset,shocked and happy all through the book.Erin the main character is awesome she is tough and kind with a heart of a lion:-) love her.All the characters are great but you never know the true roll they play in this book.There was a whole lot of oh wow didn't see that coming. Can you say cliffhanger!I'm left with thought of come on I need to know what's goi to happen next!!!!:-)

    I loved this book!!! A world where Keepers watch your every move. Told you what to wear, when to talk, how much to eat. Worst yet, they start taking the children away to go to "boarding school" and that's when the real fear kicks in. Why are they doing this and to what end? The reason makes your skin crawl and makes taking down the Supremacy the number one priority for the entire human race. I won this book (free) through and there's no doubt I will be reading more from Megan White!

    I have been following this chick since Parish Secrets and what I think I like even more than her book(s) is how real she is. She's one of those rare authors that is actually attainable. I have been fans of other authors for years and the most I get back from them is a form letter saying "thanks". I have written Megan for help on my own projects and I have always gotten a response. -Fan For Life

    I was blown away by this novel. From the very first page you are thrown into this dark world of pain and loss. The pictures this author painted in the story will have you on the edge of your seat as you root for not only Erin, but Declan as well. Two broken souls that are fighting for the same goal, only one of them just doesn't know it yet.

    Plot twists abound in this story of oppression and redemption. Well written, with great characters, and an intriguing premise. Supremacy was a little heavy on the romance for me, but that didn't detract from the plot. I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to more from the author, and more in the series.

    Holy WOW! This book was incredible! If you like dystopian novels this is the king. It's really hard to go into the plot. There are so many twists and turns. One word, exciting! If you have this on your to read list, move it up in the rankings. This is so GREAT!

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